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Twenty-five years ago Avionix was formed and began the quest for outstanding performance in supplying 2 ATI FAA TSO Approved Standby Flight Instruments. Our experience then was over 60 years of combined engineering, manufacture, design, calibration and assembly qualifications. This team’s pursuit of excellence has allowed us to supply customers with our esteemed quality, on time delivered and competitively priced units, furthering our recognition as a world-renowned supplier of aircraft instrumentation packages. Furthermore we are AS9100c & ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
Avionix’ success stems from our highly versatile trained technical staff which assures quick response to any and all aircraft situations, such as: A.O.G.’s, customer generated proto type evaluation units, production requirements for O.E.M.’s, etc.
Along with pneumatic standby flight instrument packages, Avionix has furthered its endeavors to a variety of pressure sensitive switches that are mostly utilized by the military and have diverse fluid mediums such as: diesel fuel, ethylene glycol, etc. We look forward to serving the ever-changing commercial and military aviation industry with our expertise and flight line ready instrumentation and pressure sensing devices.
We will be one of the country’s outstanding fabricating companies, distinctive and successful in everything we design & produce.
We will become a Total Quality Company by continuously improving all our work processes to satisfy our customers.

Customers: Our first priority is to satisfy customers.

Integrity: We are committed to the highest level of ethical conduct wherever we operate. We obey all laws, produce safe products, protect the environment, practice equal employment, and are socially responsible.

People: We help our fellow employees improve their skills, encourage them to take risks, treat them fairly, and recognize their accomplishments, stimulating them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment.

Teamwork: We build trust and teamwork with candid communication up and down and across our organization. We share technologies and best practices, and teamwork with our suppliers and customers.

Speed: We focus on speed for competitive advantage. We simplify processes and compress cycle times to deliver on time.

Innovation: We accept change as the rule, not the exception, and drive it by encouraging creativity and striving for technical leadership.

Performance: We encourage high expectations, set ambitious goals, and meet our financial and other commitments. We strive to be the best in the country.