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Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SA1-1-70000
Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SA1-1-70000
This switch is designed to MIL-S-9395/48, NSN 5930-00-642-9657. It can operate on a medium of air and has adjustable limits from: 17.44 psia (-4,809 ft) to: 11.79 psia (+5,976 ft) with its nominal trip and untrip points at 13.75 psia (+1,825 ft) and 15.47 psia (-1,451 ft), respectively. It has a proof pressure of 9.9 psig (588 knots) and is used on various military aircraft.
Pressure Switch (Airspeed-Pitot Sensing)
Pressure Switch (Airspeed-Pitot Sensing),
Avionix P/N SD1-5-00645
This switch is approximately 4 inches in diameter and its NSN is 5930-00-831-7642. It can operate on a medium of air and is adjusted to 237 knots (2.776 in Hg gage) ± 5 knots (± .122 in Hg gage). Also, it is adjustable from 180 to 240 knots and is used primarily on the F-4 and other military aircraft.
Illuminator Dimmer Control Switch
Illuminator Dimmer Control Switch,
USAF P/N 88101465
This switch is used on the A-10 military aircraft to control instrument lighting requirements. Its approximate size is 3/4 x 3/4 x 2 inches and it regulates voltage output from 2 to 14 volts DC and has an “On”, “Off” switch control at the extreme clock-wise position. NSN 6210-00-161-4100.
Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SB5-0-00500
Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SB5-0-00500
Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SB600(00350)
Pressure Switch, Avionix P/N SB600(000350)
NSN 5930-01-113-2319 is used on Navy Air Rescue boats. Its fluid medium is diesel fuel and its approximate size is 2 1/2 x 3/4 inches and weighs 3 oz. maximum. Its pressure port is per MS33656-4 and its electrical connector is per MS3114H8C33P. It is set to trip at 36.5±3.5 psig and untrip on decreasing pressure from 3 to 10 psig lower than increasing pressure trip point, but “not” lower than 30 psig! It meets all the requirements per NAVSEA Drawing 2589901, Rev C.